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Festival of India



All great Indian festivals have religious, social and seasonal elements to them. Celebrations are done with religious sanctity, making traditional food and celebration of the season. 

Indian festivals are a good way to get-together for social functions. To create an awareness of the heritage and culture that has been handed down to us for generations. These get together can enhance our mental and spiritual dimension that, if left in the dark, make us only poorer and less worthy of our heritage. 

So make it a point to get a few of your friends together to celebrate and remember the age old traditions of the past. 

It is difficult to transport the same enthusiasm and feeling for the festival when it occurs in India as the number of people recognizing it and celebrating it is far less and spread out.  We have outlined some of the major festivals and celebrations held in India. We hope that this can be a starting point to understanding the vast culture and heritage of India. 

Diwali Vijaya Dashami

indian festivals,festival of india,indian festivals calendar,list of indian festivals,pictures of indian festivals,indian religious festivals,indian festivals dates,festivals indian If there is one occasion which is all joy and all jubilation for one and all - the young and the old, men and women - for the entire Hindu world.

This is among the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar and comes as the finale of the nine-day festival, Navaraatri.

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Yugaadi Sri Rama Navami

The first day of the year according to the National Calendar of Bharat.

Wherever four Hindus live, Rama and Sita will be there" so said Swami Vivekananda.

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Mahaveera Jayanti Buddha Jayanti

Mahaveera, also known as Vardhamana, is the last one in the galaxy of Twenty-four Teerthankaras (Jain Prophets).

One of the greatest spiritual teachers of mankind which Bharat has produced is undoubtedly, Buddha.

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Hindu Samrajya Dinotsava Sri Guru Pooja

This function is to commemorate the Coronation of Chhatrapati Sri Shivaji Maharaj in 1674 A.D., at Raigadh in Maharashtra.

Devotional worship of the Guru - the preceptor - is one of the most touching and elevating features of the Hindu cultural tradition.

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Raksha Bandhan Sri Krishnaashtami

The Raksha Bandhan stirs up one of the deepest and noblest emotions in the human breast - the abiding and chaste bond of love.

No other God in the Hindu pantheon, or for that matter in any other religion, is associated with so many romantic tales.

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Guru Nanak Jayanti Sankranhti/Makara Sankramana/Pongal

Punjab, rightly claimed as the traditional sword-arm of Bharatvarsha, has valiantly borne the first brunt of all the pre-European aggressors on her.

Certain Hindu festivals are associated with the annual cycle of seasons. Pongal in the South and Sankranti in the North.

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Holi Ganesh Chaturthi

This is pre-eminently the spring festival of Bharat. The trees are smiling with their sprout of tender leaves and blooming flowers.

Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati is widely worshipped as the munificent god of wisdom.

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Kojagari Muharram Onam Yugaadi Bonalu Id
Basanth Panchami Gudhi Padva Datta Jayanti Dussehra Diwali Teej
Guru Nanak Jayanti Republic Day Champa Shasti Bhai Dooj Easter Holi
Anant Chaturdashi  Buddha Purnima Gandhi Jayanti Christmas Pongal Lohri
Independence Day Maha Shivaratri Tripuri Purnima Tulsi Vivah Gangaur Ugadi
Parshuram Jayanti Mahavir Jayanti Makar Sakranti Id e Milad Navratra Karwa Chauth
Vaikunth Chaturdashi Rath Saptami Sri Guru Pooja Ram Navami Baisakhi Nag Panchami
Hindu Samrajya Dinotsava Ganesh Chaturthi Ashadhi Ekadashi Janmashtami

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